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06/06/2009 - 06:57 HGi I was On the "NANINIA" joined her at Borne South of France as Galley Boy but ended up as second cook and baker,she wasnt a good ship a TT2 ex war time tanker modified,we were in Dry dock in Bombay thats was during the Queens Coranation (I was at Gravesend when the King Died) I payed off the Naninia in Singapore sick and was on the beach for a while and joined the Nassau I think she was a small Shell bulk oil ship,I was on her doing a "RUN" job to Sydney this ship was only 415 tons flat bottomed boy o boy what a wild ride I left Singapore as a wiper down the engine room but after 2 days I ended up as the Cook but thats another story,happy memories John Lammiman


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Hi Shipmates.I Joined MV Nassau 25-9-53.I was on the beach at the time in Singapore after paying of MV Naninia sick,I was waliking along the promanard and a Ford Prefect pu

01/18/2011 - 04:11