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01/23/2008 - 15:39 For Barry Williams Hi Barry, I joined Hemisinus in Hamburg on the 6th of February 1959 as 3rd Mate.Possible that we just passed in transit,or did you leave later in February? Stayed on the ship until September 59,when I signed off in Singapore Regards Mike Robinson
12/15/2007 - 05:56 Hi Howard Re your request for info regarding Helisoma. She was eventually sold to Unicorn Lines of South Africa in 1971 and renamed Africa Shell after the first of the Graf Spee's victims.I sailed on her as Master on several occasions,thus renewing my acquaintanceship with the "H" boats from my time in Shell in the 1951-1960 period. She eventually went to the breakers in Kaohsiung in 1976,taken there by a friend of mine,Capt Pieter Ros.Having discharged her final cargo of Fuel Oil in Keelung,she headed out into the Pacific to Tank Clean and,on completion,and whilst heading back,came across a large Chinese fishing vessel that was drifting without power.With the dollar signs flashing,they connected up the tow,but,two days later,as the mountains of southern Taiwan came into sight,the Fishing vessel commenced blowing her whistle frantically. Africa Shell stopped tofind out the problem,whereat the Chinese promptly slipped the tow and steamed away.Apparently they had only run short of fuel and had hitched the ride back.Pieter and the crew received nothing for their efforts! As Helisoma,she was also involved in a Bermuda Triangle incident when she came across the deserted,but otherwise undamaged yacht "Revonoc" owned by a Millionaire called Conover-the yachts name was his in reverse.Neither he nor the other six originally onboard,were ever found. Regards Mike Robinson


Period Tanker Job Details Action
1951 to 1952 AURIS (2) apprentice
1952 CAPRINUS deck apprentice
1953 to 1954 HARPA (2) deck apprentice
1955 NUCULANA 3rd mate
1955 FRAGUM (1) 3rd mate
1956 to 1957 HYALA 2nd mate
1956 FRAGUM (2) 3rd mate
1956 to 1957 chief officer
1956 to 1957 THAUMASTUS 2nd mate
1958 HELDIA 2nd mate
1959 to 1960 SAN GASPAR (2) 2nd mate
1976 to 1977 HELISOMA master
1998 to 1999 SIMUNYE master Started as engen simunye,sister to engen rainbow and hambisa
1998 to 2002 HAMBISA master Sister to Engen Simunye and Engen Rainbow