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01/17/2015 - 12:14 Ik heb nooit gehoord dat je bij mijn vader bent langs geweest. Ik ken veel namen niet van de lijst.
12/12/2004 - 14:34 After visiting your site on 7/12/2004 I registered my name on the ships: Erinna,Koratia,Koscicia,Vivipara,Acmaea,Khasiella,Philine, Viana,Zaria,Sepia and Onoba. But I also decided to register my wife who saled as a "writer" on the Khasiella and Sepia
12/07/2004 - 17:49 Sailed on the Erinna(1) from 1955 till 1957 as an engineer. The name Gert Boer doesn't say anything to me. A couple of months ago I met Kees Witteman who was also an engineer on board the Erinna during a golf tournament. We went together as passengers with the Oranje to Singapore in 1955