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Tanker Date Anecdote
Clymene 08/17/2018 - 02:37

Sailed as 1st Radio Officer (I was 17 yrs old) from August 1961 till July 1962. 2 month trip. From Memory (to confirm later). Cardiff dry dock. Then to load Clean Oils at Cork Oil Refinary.
Unload Dublin & London ? then Curacao to London.
Then 9 months.
A:- Curacao to Haiti, Tobaco & Trinadad.
B:- Curacao,- Bahamas.
C:- Curacao or Venesula to New York.
D:- Curacao (Mixture of Clean Oils) to Lisbon, Gibraltar ,Monte Carlo (1st Snow Storm on 100 years). Naples, Greece. Turkey, Izmer & Izmid. Isreal.
E & F :- Thru Suez to Gulf Abadan/Iran to load twice for "South Africa". viz Lorenzo Marks(Biera)/Mozambique, Durban East London, Port Elizabeth, Capetown & Walvis Bay /"South West Africa" now Namibia.
G:- Abadan to Singapore.
H:- Abadan to London.
Only Person I remember is 2nd Mate John Yoe from Devon/ Cornwall.
The ship was off the Bahama's when USA president John F. Kenneday was Assasinated. in 1962
I also was informed by the Captain that " I"/ Ship had received a Commendation from the US Coast Guard for Weather reports
during Hurricane Flora that Devastated Tubaco & Trinadad
as we were the nearest ship to the hurricane center.
No Satelites in those days, comms by Morse Code only.
Carribean radio stations paid by telegrams passing thru, had to trick them into taking weather reports (every 2 hrs).
When I asked the Captain to see/ keep the commendation,
he had "lost" it
... Liam Aylward