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01/01/2018 - 23:08 I am an Aussie was working on the wharfs in Durban Sth Africa trying to work my passage back when a workmate told me there as a tanker at the tanker wharf that was short of crew so I applied for a job on board, the skipper was a bit hesitant but as they were short on crew he signed me on, on the understanding that we would eventually end up in London. That was great for me and I enjoyed every moment I spent on Amoria. We went up the coast of Africa, out of Curacao around the West indies. Out of Cardom Lakes Sth America and finally signed off in London. I think I was on board 6 to 8 months and loved every minute, enjoyed the company of the crew and was put on the job of 5th engineer with the 2nd engineer. They called me Aussie on board. That was definitely a highlight of my life.
04/22/2013 - 08:49 Hi I joined the crew of shell tanker mv amoria at durban somewhere around 1960. we sailed up african coast to capetown walvis bay curacao around the west indies to cardom lakes and england although not a seaman i was lucky to be signed aboard as she was short of crew for me it was a great adventure and enabled me to get backhome to australia i have very fond memories of that ship max sweetman nickname was aussie


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1960 Amoria (1) stoker


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I am an Aussie was working on the wharfs in Durban Sth Af

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