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04/06/2008 - 12:30 Great site, I just found it! I joined Shell in '75 after leaving the RN and my first ship was Hinnites(sandbags all over her bridge and postholes because of Vietnam trips), joined her in Singapore as AB, old ship but great crew, great times, this was the best trip during my time with Shell...all round the far east including Solomon Isles paid off 6 months later in Mauritius . Also did trips on Aluco(Gulf '76) Pallium (Curacao-West Africa'77) also great crews and good runs. Went downhill a little when I went GP joined Serenia as G1 (Stanford'77) and then Drupa for one month Teesport(late '77).Got married and went ashore.....BIG MISTAKE!! Preferred foreign going older conventional ships.... Should have never ever left the sea.


Period Tanker Job Details Action
1975 Hinnites able seaman
1976 Aluco able seaman
1976 to 1977 Pallium able seaman
1977 to 1978 Drupa (2) able seaman (grade 1)
1977 Serenia able seaman (grade 1)