Mike Nicholson

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Period Tanker Job Details Action
1979 to 1981 Opalia (2) deck cadet Hated it both times. So much BS
1979 Methane Princess (1) deck cadet My first trip, fastnet yach race, people smuggling whores onboard, transvestite stewards. A shock to the system.
1981 Lembulus (2) deck cadet Same time as Sean Hurley, ship was falling to bits. Cracks in every beam knee.
1982 Tricula (2) deck cadet Joined in Richards Bay, start of Maiden loaded voyage if I remember
1983 Etrema (2) deck cadet Last trip with Shell. 3rd mate for 3 weeks.


Tanker Anecdote Post date Updated date Action
Etrema (2)

Going in to La Pallice captain (Rafferty?) was pisssed, g

11/05/2018 - 16:16 11/05/2018 - 16:16
Opalia (2)

Sorry Paul Wayman, but it was me who “Bullshitted” the pa

11/05/2018 - 16:33 11/05/2018 - 16:33