Norman Woodhouse


Period Tanker Job Details Action
1963 to 1964 HYGROMIA deck apprentice 1st trip, I am now master of Pride of Hull
1964 VOLSELLA (2) deck apprentice
1964 HAMINEA (1) deck apprentice
1965 HIMA deck apprentice
1966 to 1967 HINNITES 3rd officer 1st trip
1966 ARIANTA (1) deck apprentice
1967 to 1969 HINEA 2nd officer 3rd officer & 2nd officer i sailed 3 x times on hinea
1970 METHANE PRINCESS (1) 2nd officer
1971 HUMILARIA 2nd officer 2nd.officer (air conditioning rubbish!) glad to get off.
1973 HEMIMACTRA 2nd officer my last trip with Shell
1973 ALUCO 2nd officer