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02/02/2022 - 06:53 Hi all, This is PaK Kay Chan's son, my father who was working for Shell as No.2, Pumpman, Filler, G.P. P.O. from 1962 to 1986. He is now 95 years old, I am puzzling his seaman's life with pictures, tankers, etc... If you have good memory with my father, photos. Pls let me know, and if possible send it to my personal email: He was with CAPISTERIA, ONOBA, VEXILLA, ZAPHON, DARINA, DONACILLA, KRYPTOS, VIBEX, KATELYSIA, KERMIA, ZAFRA, ZARIA, ABIDA, CINULIA, LIMA, KYLIX, LIMOPSIS, ENTALINA, THISTLE was the last one discharged at Jacksonville. Many thanks in advance! Best Regards, Savio Chan