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01/25/2005 - 15:20 I was pleased to see all the shell tankers that i had served on from 1977 to 1987 my first being the Lanistes as a very green deck boy, i rejoined this ship another three times. I then served on the Acavus twice, the second time was the most memorable and the coldest as we were the first shell tanker to go to Frobisher bay in the Baffin islands carrying a cargo for canadian shell out of quibec. if any of my crew mates who were on the acavus at the time, please contact me it would be great to hear from you. The other vessels i sailed on were the Alinda twice, palaudina,palium three times, Lapeta,Ebalina,Eburna twice and the Isocardia twice.I still think about my sea going days and often wonder where every body ended up, some like me opted for voluntary redundancy in 1987, Andy richards an AB who was on the Eburna doing the carribean run if you read this please get in touch. last of all to those lads i had the pleasure of sailing with we worked hard and played hard. Best days of my life. hope to hear from you soon. Hagar


Period Tanker Job Details Action
1977 to 1978 LANISTES deck boy
1978 to 1979 ACHATINA (2) efficient deckhand
1979 to 1980 ACAVUS (2) able seaman
1979 to 1980 POMELLA (2) able seaman
1980 to 1981 LEPETA efficient deckhand
1980 to 1981 PALLIUM efficient deckhand
1980 to 1981 LANISTES efficient deckhand
1981 to 1982 LYRIA (2) gp 1
1982 to 1983 EBALINA able seaman
1982 to 1983 EBURNA (2) able seaman
1982 ENTALINA able seaman
1984 to 1985 ERINNA (2) po deck
1984 to 1985 LANISTES able seaman
1985 to 1986 EBALINA able seaman
1985 to 1986 ERVILIA po deck
1985 to 1986 ISOCARDIA (2) po deck
1985 to 1986 ISOMERIA (2) po deck
1986 to 1987 ERODONA (2) po deck