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12/25/2004 - 18:08 Thank you for a great website wonderful to see actual photo's of the ships which is brilliant as I wrote to Shell and did not even get a reply. It appears that I have got my dates wrong as I first joined the Capulus when she sailed under the Panamanian flag which I thought was in 1958 but apparently I must be wrong as I sailed on her for 9 months then joined and sailed on the maiden voyage of the Zaphon which I thought was late 1958 but your records correct me as 1957, thank you. I then joined the Velutina but really missed the Zaphon as she really was a lovely ship. Thanks again for a brilliant website Peter Dobson UK


Period Tanker Job Details Action
1958 CAPULUS pantryboy galley/pantry
1977 ZAPHON (1) catering boy/galley boy