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04/15/2009 - 23:40 I am now living in Felixstowe Suffolk, I was at sea for 14 years. I started my career with P & O on the Canberra for two years. I joined my first Shell Tanker " Axina In 19 69 in the far east. After that voyage I returned to P & O sailing in the Orcades out to Aus & south Pacific cruising, I evetualy jumped ship & was deported back to the uk, Thats when my Shell career started properly as they were the only people who would give me a job. I served in 14 Shell tankers finnishing as Ch/stwd on Pomella. I had some great times over the years & still greatly miss going to sea.


Period Tanker Job Details Action
1969 AXINA assistant steward
1970 to 1972 VERTAGUS assistant steward
1972 to 1973 HAUSTRUM (1) 2nd steward
1973 to 1974 HALIA (1) 2nd cook
1974 MYSELLA 2nd cook
1974 to 1975 LIMATULA (2) 2nd cook maiden voyage
1975 DRUPA (2) 2nd cook
1976 ARIANTA (1) chef kok
1976 HEMITROCHUS chef kok
1977 LABIOSA (2) chef kok
1978 ALINDA chief steward
1978 to 1979 POMELLA (2) chief steward