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09/05/2005 - 01:56 Sailed for STUK through the GCBS London pool in the early 1980's.Sailed on Achatina, Paludina,Litiopa and Drupa.Loved the ships and most of the crews were great.Be nice to know if anyone knows where ch/cook Alan Brown is or Capt John Cussons as I owe both of them a "thank you". Ships were generally good,food fantastic and the crews great.Best time I had was probably on Paludina as we were on the North American bitumin runs and I have lived in Portland Oregon since 1985.Whoever the 1st mate was on the Paludina at that time asked me one evening as we sailed down the Columbia River back to the Pacific,what I thought of Oregon?I said one day I am gonna live there.Well chief, I made it!Lived here since 1985. I hope that all of my old ship mates are well and that life has worked out in their favour as it has mine. Pete.


Period Tanker Job Details Action
1981 to 1982 Achatina (2) steward
1982 to 1983 Litiopa (2) steward
1982 Drupa (2) junior catering rating