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02/18/2009 - 18:45 Hello to Peter Geraghty if he pops in and to anyone who sailed on Platidia. Axina or Aulica at same time as me in early seventies.
10/03/2006 - 22:02 Hello everyone. I have just found this site and am thoroughly enjoying looking through the various threads. I sailed with STUK as a junior engineer from Feb. to July. 1973 on the Platidia joining at Seawaren New York and paying off in Takoradi then from Sept. 1973 to Feb. 1974 on the Axina joining at Singapore and leaving at drydock in Yokohama and finally on board the Aulica joining in June 1974 and paying off in Liverpool October 1974.
08/26/2006 - 22:42 David Williams is correct. Matco Avon was working for Mobil from Beryl.
08/26/2006 - 22:39 Matco Avon was indeed one of the ships working that route. I sailed on her! When I find my card I will let you know details and dates.


Period Tanker Job Details Action
1973 to 1974 AXINA 5th engineer
1973 PLATIDIA 5th engineer
1974 AULICA 5th engineer