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05/19/2009 - 14:51 Joined Shell 1965. Served aboard Vitta, Hemisinus and Hima. Left Shell 1967 for Larrinaga Steamship Co. Most interesting time with Shell was whilst on the Hemisius as a Deck Cadet. We ran between Palau Bukum and Nha Be in support of the American War Effort in Vietnam.
05/19/2009 - 14:45 Joined Vitta (my first Ship) 1965. Serverd aboard the Hemisinus 1965-1966 mainly running between Palau Bukom and Nha Be (Vietnam) in support of the American War Effort. Came home from Singapore aboard the Hima. Left Shell in 1967 and sailed with Larrinaga Steamship Company until 1970


Period Tanker Job Details Action
1964 to 1965 VITTA deck boy
1965 to 1966 HEMISINUS deck cadet
1965 HIMA deck cadet


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At 16 years of age it was the adventure of a life-time. Left Hemisinus in Singapore along with three other cadets (T.G Dan - the brains of the outfit - from Dumbarton).

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