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06/01/2013 - 23:22 Just got a tremendous surprise yesterday.An e.mail from an old shipmate on the Hanetia ,Alan Green.We sailed together on the Vietnam Coast/Singapore run for 6 months,then paid off in Curacoa.I was 2nd/Stwd and he was Catering Boy.Great to make contact after 40 Year.


Period Tanker Job Details
1964 to 1965 San Emiliano (2) catering boy
1964 to 1965 Hemitrochus catering boy/galley boy Yes this is another error the SanEmiliano and the Hemitrochus are the same ship,name was changed when Shell Tankers took over Eagle Oil..
1965 to 1966 Arianta (3) 2nd steward
1966 to 1967 Aulica assistant steward
1968 to 1969 Darina (2) 2nd steward
1969 to 1970 Arianta (1) 2nd steward
1969 to 1970 Hanetia 2nd steward
1970 to 1971 Donax (3) 2nd steward
1970 Darina (2) 2nd steward
1970 to 1971 Darina (2) 2nd steward
1971 Methane Progress 2nd steward
1971 Methane Princess (1) 2nd steward Just to confirm,I never sailed on the Methane Princess,this is an error. I SAILED ON THE Mathane Progress..
1971 to 1972 Asprella (1) 2nd steward
1973 to 1974 Naticina (2) 2nd cook and baker


Tanker Date Anecdote
Arianta (1) 02/12/2011 - 12:02

I was on contract with Shell Tankers for 10 years. Started off as catering boy on San Emiliano and my last ships were the lightening ones Darina, Natasina and Halia,before joining P&O Ferries.

San Emiliano (2) 02/15/2011 - 23:33

This was my first trip to sea as a 17year old.Joined in Rotterdam and after a trip to Genoa,we spent Christmas in Walvas Bay. On Hogmany while passing St.Halina the engine blow up,and we had to fight a nasty engineroom fire.We won in the end and after four days of drifting,the engineers managed to restore a bit of power and we limped to Curacao where we paid/off and vessel went to drydock.Will never forget Chief/Steward Bill Cowan from Aberdeen standing on top of main engine,in shorts and teeshirt hosing down fire.