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05/30/2007 - 01:48 Hello Old Shell Tankers people. This is Sean Burns. I was third mate on the Shell Tanker Varicella for about five months at Karachi in 1975. We were stragely enough involved in grain lightening operations instead of shipping oil. We met our Dutch colleagues there on SS Viana.(Ik heb in de tussentijd nederlansd geleered!)Our Captain was Dai Evans, a fine man from Wales. He treated me well. I also remember serving on Haustellum 1972, Mitra 1972, Haustellum again in 1973, Arianta and Hyria in 1974. (Saigon Flyer). Then Varicella 1975 and finally Donax 1976. Are any of my old friends out there? Nigel Cambell? Phil Chamberlain from College at South Shields? and many others. I would like to hear from you.


Period Tanker Job Details Action
1972 HAUSTELLUM 3rd mate
1972 MITRA (3) 3rd mate
1973 HAUSTELLUM 3rd mate
1974 ARIANTA (1) 3rd mate
1974 HYRIA 3rd mate
1975 VARICELLA 3rd mate
1976 DONAX (3) 3rd mate