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01/11/2006 - 21:06 Found site by accident - brilliant! Evoked a myriad of memories! mostly good, some bad (selective memory)-every ship a story! With Shell 67 to 78, eng appo to the dizzy heights of fourth, well 3/Es with chiefs tickets, I didn't stand a chance, too thick, and too easily distracted.Did my college time at Riversdale Tech, its gone now, replaced with fancy housing "condo's". I was pleased to get off the boats, but would not have missed it for the world! Thanks again for a great site, a great 2006. Stefan


Period Tanker Job Details Action
1969 to 1975 HYRIA apprentice engineer
1970 HEMIPLECTA apprentice engineer
1971 to 1972 AULICA fiver
1972 ALINDA fiver
1973 HAUSTELLUM fiver
1973 to 1974 MACTRA (2) fiver
1974 VALVATA 4th engineer first trip
1974 to 1975 SERENIA 4th engineer
1974 MARTICIA 5th engineer
1975 MYSELLA 4th engineer
1976 MELO 4th engineer
1977 ALUCO played charades