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10/08/2009 - 15:42 I have joined Shell vessel on 23rd Dec 2004. Sailing as Fleet Administration Officer. Had learnt alot from well experienced Master. I have sailed with Capt. Clive Hudford, Capt. Andrew Thomas Cross, Capt. Andrew Whitley, Capt. Peter Ivankovic, Capt. Vineet Verma, Capt. John Harrison, Capt. Keith Bland, Capt. Mahmood Husian, Capt Andrew C. Atchison, James william Brown & Capt. Mark Stickley. I feel really great after working with them. Hope of working with again in future.



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Had learnt alot from well experienced Master Mark Stickley. An wonderfull sailing with him for three months. He had not sailed with much FAO's.

10/08/2009 - 15:31