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12/08/2004 - 20:14 Have been a Radio Officer with Radio Holland from 1955 till 1964 and sailed preferably on Shell Tankers. First in the Far East on: Mirza, Erinna and Ovula. Later on Kalydon, Khasiella, Kylix, Viana and Videna. I think I remember J. Cadovius, but not from Erinna but on Khasiella in 1960!! Later I worked at Scheveningenradio and will mention this site to my former colleagues there who also were R/O's with Shell. Regards


Period Tanker Job Details Action
1956 to 1957 Mirza radio officer
1957 Erinna (1) radio officer
1957 Ovula radio officer
1958 to 1959 Kalydon radio officer
1959 to 1961 Khasiella radio officer
1961 Videna radio officer
1962 Kylix radio officer
1963 to 1964 Viana radio officer