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10/08/2013 - 23:11 Hello Santiago Vilar,long time no see you, how are you? we working on board shell tanker, Diadema, I think, if you want contact my self you can write here, regards, from Moreno, ex shell tanker bediende.
02/01/2006 - 23:50 a great salute to Mr. Dosil Hermo, sheep voorman in the Netherlands Shell tankers, gran profesional y mejor persona, regards from Moreno-ex Shell Tankers bediende.
04/25/2005 - 02:01 THANK YOU Mr. KEES, a real great site, I sailed for the dutch Shell Tankers als Bediende, from 1971 until 1982, remember diferents captains, Mr. PAAUW, Mr Baker, Mr. UNGER, Mr. Vriend, Mr. MINKELS is my First KAPITEIN on board S/S "KORATIA", 1e stuurman Knoll and special remember for Mr Gerard Buma, 4x sailing in the next ship?s, M/S NISO 2X, Fossarus,and Diadema, from Vigo-Spain, Best whishes. Vicente S. Fdez Moreno.


Period Tanker Job Details Action
1971 to 1972 KORATIA bediende algemene dienst
1972 NISO (2) bediende
1972 to 1973 CAPISTERIA bediende algemene dienst
1975 MITRA (3) bediende algemene dienst
1975 to 1976 PATRO bediende bediende aan de gezagvoerder J.H. Korsen
1976 LOVELLIA bediende algemene dienst
1976 to 1977 FOSSARUS (2) bediende
1977 DIADEMA bediende algemene dienst
1977 to 1978 PATRO bediende bediende aan de gezagvoerder A.J. Schumm
1978 NISO (2) bediende algemene dienst
1979 to 1980 DIADEMA bediende
1980 MYTILUS (2) bediende
1981 to 1982 DALLIA bediende